Lecture Phase

CHF 6'600


CHF 5'000 - CHF 7'000

Total max. amount

CHF 13'600

There is both a minimum & maximum number of couples that we are able to take for this School in order for it to be the best possible experience for you. You can also find more details on the official YWAM Wiler Homepage:

We are convinced that finances should not be the reason why you should not be able to be part of this life-changing School. We are open to find solutions together.


   Please note:

  • All amounts mentioned are calculated PER COUPLE.

  • The outreach fees can vary depending on the outreach location.

  • These amounts DO NOT cover traveling to Switzer-land & home, all costs ass-ociated with VISA proced-ure or personal medication.

This program focuses specifi-cally on married couples with-out Children (yet). In case you are a Family and you would like to join a DTS we could give you some recommendations for Family DTS.

Joining this DTS is not bound to any commitments towards a further involvement within the organisation YWAM. Still after finishing a DTS there is the opportunity to join YWAM in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world.


Curious? Want to have more information about Couples DTS? Maybe even a Skype call with us? 

We are looking forward hearing from you!

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